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One last thing you didn’t want to forget: You had to boil it. You didn’t want to die of dysentery, so you wanted to make sure that every drop of water you drank was properly pasteurized before consumption. It took significantly longer for you to construct a fire due to your exhaustion. When you finally cultivated a successful spark into a smoldering ember, and then a roaring fire, you were absolutely elated.
You found an empty bottle nearby and began to boil the precious life energy you worked so hard to attain, and with your roaring fire, this could have been more than you asked for. So far, it seemed as though you were getting used to this kind of living, and it was clear this body was way more suited for your overclocking. Soon when the water was a bubbling roar, your maw dripped with anticipation, you were almost tempted to drink the water piping hot.
When the warm droplets met your lips you lapped it up ravenously, yet still, you tried to saver the precious dew. By this time, the fire was half way through burning, and the icy cold night winds were posing a problem, even with your thick coat lining your sensitive skin.

Written by Driftingdragon on 25 February 2021

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