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Everything. That is what could go wrong. Daniel was panting heavily in a secluded room even his nightmare's couldn't come up with it. It was cold, dark, and the only sound he could hear was the hard ting of water drops hitting the metal of his room. Shaking, curled up in his own vomit he wondered how he got here? Was his friends doing okay?


“Gassen,” Daniel moaned as his body bent back with more pain. Gassen was with him when they got separated in the dark corridors of the old military base. They thought the other's were trying to scare them, instead it was them, it was him. The people from his dreams. The doctor that experimented Daniel in his night terrors. They were real and they got him. His memories were foggy but, he knew at least Gassen got away. Daniel could still see his retreating back and feel the relief of knowing one of them make it. Gassen had to have made it home, away from the taser's, the guns and the man in the white coat.


When he could scream, he called out for others. No one answered. When Daniel could abide the pain of the shots given to him, he knew a week had gone by. Now he knew nothing, but the hollow truth that no help was coming. When the pain stopped, his mind shut down carrying Daniel gratefully into the darkness of his unconscious.


Daniel woke up, his eyelids pinning open, as a wave of alertness washed over him. His mind was surprisingly clear. There was no pain, fear or despair. His heart was light, he sat up nose curly at the sight of dried blood and vomit on his tattered clothes. Acids, and chemicals smells burned his nose. Sounds of foot steps walking along the metal corridors echoed clearer than ever before. They were coming. What should he do?

Written by Psto1464 on 20 March 2019

Both Attack and run
Both Play dead and sneak attack

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