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The door creaked open, a now familiar cry of rusty metal door. The hard thunk of their black military boots stepped into the room. Whistle a cheery tune. Daniel didn't know the tune, but the sound; the pure bliss coming from that bastards mouth made his teeth grate.


“Arrrghhhhh!” Deep from within Daniel a roar emerged fiercer than any animal he could name.


“What!” The whistling man shouted and stepped back, hitting his partners chest. Yes, the cowards always traveled in pairs. Pairs to hurt him, to spit on him, to threatening him. The heat from his roar filled his chest again, instead of a roar. Flames billowed out from his mouth. Covering the man in moulting flames, that looked more a river of lava.


“AHH!” Screams of the dying man filled the air, fulling not fear in Daniel but triumph. Without knowing or even caring where it came from. He roared into the air, throwing his head back. This one was louder stronger and made the room tremble with his new strength. Daniel lost himself in the feeling. More, more, a few more like the bubbling mass that now laid in front of him, and he would be free! Free!


Rushing forward Daniel didn't think, he couldn't think. It was like a movie or more of a game, where he was watching in first person. Watching the uniform man fall to his knees, begging for mercy and getting none. Cold black claws came down slitting his throat and didn't look back. Daniel didn't have claws, he was human after all.


He didn't feel anything as these same claws created a bloody trail from the soldiers that came rushing in. Buzzing of electric current filled the room as they tried taser him, it didn't work; Daniel felt nothing but a tingling sensation from it. Cementing the video game feeling he was getting. Black claws and the odd fire breath made quick work of the people in front of him. Darts pinned off him, knifes all rolled off him, he was a duck in water. Nothing could hurt him!


Rushing on, the taste of clean air filled his open mouth. Soon he was out in it, free and running. Daniel wasn't stupid enough to stop. He had to run. Run or lose his precious freedom and knowing the carnage he left; even his life could be at stake. Running into the woods Daniel didn't stop until he dropped from fatigue.


Daniel woke up and stare down at hands, as if they weren't his own. He turned them front and back, hoping it would somehow change the results of what he saw. Daniel could feel his body shake with the knowledge that in a way; he was right. These hands that belonged to him weren't his anymore. Without the rush of adrenaline backing Daniel's courage. Without survival driving his instincts to accept what happen and get out. He was nothing but a trembling mess. Staring at pale purple scales shimmering in the pale moonlight.


“Dragon?” Daniel whispered scared to speak louder, even if he was completely alone. “Am I a dragon?” He felt his face, elongated he could get the sense it wasn't like an alligator. It was the closest real thing he could think of for comparison. He raised his hands to his head and it continued up and divided into what was clearly thin horns. Like those of the eastern dragons? But he was walking upright...didn't they sprawl across the skies or get around on all fours? Daniel's mind drifted to his friend Jake's hobby of fursona's and decided to settle on that for an overall idea of what he looked like, as he didn't have a mirror.


“I'm a bit slender and ?” Daniel mummer-ed as he continued trailing his hands across his body exploring his changes. He felt the heavy forms on his chest, he squeezed them and found them soft. “Tumours?” Daniel briefly panicked, and squeezed them again. They were too soft and reminded him of Pam's? Daniel didn't finish the thought because Pam would sense it and strike him for sure the next time they met up. Instead, he dived his hands into his pants and searched in vain for his missing parts. Feeling around, there was nothing! Nothing! Daniel pulled out his hands and slumped with acceptance. His mind drifted as he went back to staring at his now scaled hands.


Gone was that pasty white skin that his friend Pam used to laugh at him for. Gone was the short clipped, partial chewed clear nails. Instead, he had black shining claws, they're small delicate and curved to a deadly point. Daniel grazed this claw across the forest floor in front of him, watching the claws split small rocks with ease. Turn the hard dirt into soft soil.


“Wow,” he whispered. Whatever they had done, whatever their aim was. They had succeeded, you can easily imagine these claw's destruction powers. If all his geeky ways told you anything, it was differently for military purposes, and he, he was that kid at a bad place, at a bad time. “Maybe, I can become some sort of superhero?” Daniel laughed sadly, his thoughts were quickly going south. He was defeated before you even started. He was unmanned and dehumanized. Daniel couldn't figure out what was worse.


“Superhero?” Daniel scoffed at himself. “Try super zero.” How could he save others, if he couldn't save himself. Feeling a scraping of something across his lap, Daniel released a feral growl and jump back slamming into the tree he was resting against. Daniel looked around frantically for what touched him. All he could see was the soft point of his newly acquired tail. Daniel fell to the ground, boneless and mentally beating. Daniel needed help, and there was no friendly neighbourhood good guy to help.


Either path was full off death flags, tapped wires and possibility of Daniel's best friends thinking he was crazy. Worse they'll dropping everything and ruining their lives because he was the idiot who took the dare to far. Daniel groan, a deep but definable feminine voice, it was almost sexy. He slammed himself forward using his hands to get up. He had made his choice.

Written by Psto1464 on 22 March 2019

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