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Daniel laid there waiting. Patience's, he needed to lay there and access what was going on. He knew from experience what they were coming for. They came to laugh, and they came to drag him of to him. Daniel didn't even rate a hospital or lap table, they would simply grab him by his hair or foot and drag him away. He tried grabbing the door once, to fight back; all that earned him was a four-inch needle stab into the neck. Today was different. Not for them, their off-tune whistle and husky smokers laugh could be heard banging in time; with their thick militant boots off the metal lined halls.


He felt different. He knew he was different, but he dare not open his eyes to look. They were close. Instead, he laid in his own vomit, face slack and body limp on the floor. Taking in the smells of rusty metal and his own dirty sweat. Which, Daniel flared his nose taking in the vague scent of citrus in the air, it seemed like it was coming off of him? The scent was feminine and Daniel didn't think any of the mad doctors nurses would touch him, let alone use a scented hand cream. Pushing that aside, he heard the sound of a metal bar lifting from the outside of his room. They were here.


“Holy shit,” whistled a gruff voice. It sounded like the older man who had taking the initiative to needle Daniel that first night.


“You owe me fifty bucks old man.” sneered his younger partner. Daniel could picture him as clearly as he could smell his brand of cherry flavour cigarettes. Tall, skinny, plain but an attitude that would put even the cockiest of football players to shame.


“Didn't think that crazy bastard would succeed.” Old man cleared his throat and spat on the ground, Daniel felt the spit hit his legs. Heat flushed through him. Daniel's mind was clear enough that he could be angry again, fighting against the huge to stand up and fight a useless battle. “Shit! It moved!” The old man shuffled back, metal clanging under his weight.


“Chill out old-timer. Doc said he would have some involuntary movement until the body gain control of the tail.” Daniel's hair was pulled and his head forced into the air. Tail! He didn't care about the pain, he was just shocked he managed to keep his eyes close. He didn't have a tail, did he? “He, or should I say she; is out cold!” A cold hand squeezed his chest, a growl slipped from his lips, how dare this scum touch his chest! Daniel's mind froze as his thoughts fell into a panic. His chest, he could clearly feel his chest, no; his boob in the hand of that man!


“Don't like it, huh?” Laughed the young man. “To bad those drugs the Doc gave you last time will keep you out cold for the next few days!” He laughed again.


“Stop playing around! Let's just get this done and over with it.” The old man grumbled but Daniel didn't hear him come any closer, he didn't really care; his mind, disgusted, not with the thought of having a chest. It was that he touched by one of them.


“Come one old man, live a little!” His voice echoing has the angry from earlier came to the crawling back to the front. “Even filthy this is every guys fantasy right? A pretty humanoid dragon.” Daniel's head tilted back, raising his body off the floor more. Daniel was torn between getting more information out of the spewing man by playing dead or tearing his throat out with his teeth. “Just touch this pretty pink mane.” Another growl came from Daniel. This stop being a battle of want and a became a battle of choices. Was Daniel a man or beast, would a man even take this?


“It's waking up! Let's just go!” The young guy laughed off his partners fears.


“Who knew that skinny nerd, would turn into such a cute young dragoness?” That did it. Daniel's eyes popped open, his vision perfect despite the dark. He could see every pimple scare on the face of that skinny dark-haired bastard.


“What wanna play too?” The idiot asked in a husky voice. He didn't even know enough to fear him, if he could since the heat of violence spreading through him, but then he would have been too late. He was angry and disgusted with the thing in front of him. Lifting an arm with a speed unknown to Daniel before, he pulled himself up with the help of the man's shirt. Dragging him down in the progress. The young military man pulled him closer to embrace, as Daniel sunk his new fangs mouth into his neck, after the primal instinct that had awaking.


Blood seeped into Daniel's mouth tasting like an old dirty penny and a bit like smoke. He let it drip from his muzzle, ignoring the screams and the pounding as the man tried to break loose. Daniel found his new claws and strength kept him easily pinned. He didn't let go, until he had stopped struggling. Letting the body drop to the floor. “Hands off, you creepy pervert.” He growled at the blood soaked corpse at his feet. Daniel turned to find the old man gone. That was a problem, he probably went for help.


Stopping just a moment to looked down at his own body, if the claws and teeth he had used to kill that man just now, wasn't a clue that what the guy rambled about was true. Looking down at the nasty hospital gown did the trick. Tearing it of with one of his hands, revealed a body covered in tiny heart-shaped scales, all in pale pinks and rich purples. His skinny stick body was gone, Daniel took the moment to trail his black tip claws down his body, confirming to himself, once again how real it was.


He had full breast, ones he briefly thought; would make Pam envious. A long trim waist that lead to round hips and a swinging tail. It was all so strange. He was a she, a she who wasn't even human but for the first time in his life. He felt powerful, and stronger than he ever would be before. Killing a man should have left him a blubbering mess on the floor. He was standing proud, and naked above his corpse. Did a dragon, no, Daniel corrected himself; dragoness need clothes. Shouts and the thunder of pounding feet, released Daniel from his in turned thoughts.


No caring a wit for clothing, his skin was all scales anyway, and he could name a certain character who made it work; so why not him? Prowling forward Daniel went into the hall. Finding it has he had thought, filled with men pointing guns with tiny red lasers at him. He stopped cold, heat blowing though his nose, steam coming out and swirling around him. Daniel hadn't excepted this. In the front was him.

Written by Psto1464 on 28 March 2019

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