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“Hello Daniel.” His voice sent chills down Daniels spine. Confidence turned to weariness, as he eyes the gunmen staring at him pass their round metal hats and padded with their armoured black jumpsuits.


“I want to go home.” Daniel said quietly. He had wanted to state it with an arrogance, like a real dragon would do. His true self emerged, and he politely stated quietly like meek high-school student he was inside.


“I can arrange that.” His voice said slowly, bringing on another wave of chills. Daniel hugged his arms under his chest, maybe he should have kept the beat up gown on.


“Really?” Daniel glared at the doctor, his tail spikes clanging in a soothing rhythm against the floor. The noise helped Daniel keep his cool, human logic. No way would it be so easy to get home.


“There will, of course, be some requirements.” He tilted his head, closing his blue eyes with a smile. The girls at his school, surly would have pasted out from the handsome young doctor vibe rolling of the creep in waves. Daniel wasn't fool for a second, inside him beat the heart of a young make! All it did was cause him to shiver more violently.


“Hiss!” Daniel raised his lips over his teeth and let loose the angry sound. He quickly slammed a hand over his own mouth. Muzzle, in shock. A quick burst of air and a sharp pop flew by Daniel's face hitting the floor in front of him. Daniel quickly turned behind him and saw a smaller man, maybe close to his age; shaking holder the gun. Unlike the other he was without armour.


Daniel's mind clouded over seeing the blonde shake and stare at him with wide eyes. Inside his mind was a new urge, a strong instinct? He didn't know what to call it, but to Daniel it was a voice. The same voice that told him he was powerful, strong; the voice that let him kill that solider earlier. This time it told him. That this man was weak. He was weak and attacked us. A growl came out low and rumbling. To Daniel's ears it sounded like the purr of a cat, Daniel knew it wasn't a happy sound. It was a threat, to back off or die.


“It-it-its a monster!” The man no boy yelled, with shaking arms he raised his pistol.


“Matthew.” He said from behind him. Daniel snorted, the boy; Matthew; was too far gone to listen. Quickly moving his arms, claws raised, he was ready to defend and attack. A different logic ruled over Daniel now. When the trigger was pulled with sweaty hands, it made the aim go off somewhere behind Daniel. It was an easy dodge, the room was quiet to him now. Hos moves were lightening quick. Within seconds his claws poised at the weak boys neck, ready to plunge and rid him of the threat.

Written by Psto1464 on 13 April 2019

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