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“Pam wait!” Dan cried out running after his upset friend. He felt awkward with all the stares. Some were watching her as she ran; out of confusion. When did you ever see a woman skunk? Other were staring at her chest, with three pairs of breasts juggling as she ran. It was an obvious eye catcher. Dan was a man yesterday. She knew most just wanted to look but what she didn't know. Was how bad that made the girl feel. Made Dan feel.


“Pam!” Running on four legs, you think Dan would be faster, but she wasn't. Pam could pass inbetween people like it was nothing. Dan had to ask or push his way through. Ignoring the uncensored hands touching her fur and trying to pull on her tail, she ran. Following the trail of Pam's waving blonde locks. Near the end of the mall, there was an empty store. It had gone out of business last month. Few people were there, except for the odd person that seemed to be following her.


“Pam are you okay?” Dan ask panting as he skidded to a stop beside her.


“Do I look it!” Pam asked raising her face to Dan's. Mascara streaked down her face, her brown eyes looked like they were leaking down her face.


“No.” Dan said, she looked like a nightmare. An awkward silence built as Pam dug into her purse to get some wipes. Dan watched as she wiped off her makeup without a mirror with a practice ease he excepted of Pam. “Sorry.” Dan finally said breaking the quiet. Ignoring the few onlookers they had.


“About what. You did nothing wrong.” Pam said her voice worn and tired.


“Well, no; but I thought being a girl.” Dan waved to her new female body. Sure it was a skunk from the waist down. Her upper half covered in a soft black fur, and she had the skunks pointed elegant face. “Would present me with some magic that would make this emotional better for you.”


“That's not how that works.” Pam laughed softly even with her face still looking sad. “I'm sorry you've been though so much and this was supposed to be fun.”
“No-” Dan covered his eyes when flashing lights assaulted his eyes yet again.


“What is your problems! Can't you see we're trying to talk here!” Pam shouted at the people taking pictures. Dan's eyes must have become more sensitive to light. She was still trying to blink away spots when Pam took her hand. “Let's go.” Following the tug Dan let Pam whisk her away.


“Are we inside the closed store?” Dan asked. Seeing the familiar open layout bare of clothes under a cellphone light was creepy. “At least there're no mannequins left.” Dan thought looking around. Pam tugged her to a corner where there was a pile of blankets and pillows. Along with some discarded snacks and pop cans.


“Beth got rid of those.” Pam said pulling a lantern from underneath one of the pillows.


“Beth?” Dan asked watching Pam turn on the lantern and shut off her cellphone.


“Beth is co-captain of the sheer squad. Her mother owns the mall. She let me in on this spot. To get away from it all.” Pam sat down and pulled Dan down beside her. Curling up like a cat, Dan pulled her tail on to her lap and let Pam speak.


“Get away from what?” Dan encourage, the Pam she knew was strong confident and powerful. Unlike her who only felt strength now that he had become she; and a skunk now as well. Being human was overrated. Dan pushed his worries aside to so what she always wanted to do. Be there for Pam.


“I hate cheer-leading.” Pam said. Dan's eyes widen, but she held her tongue. “I do it for my mother, like Beth does.” Dan nodded, she understood in a way. Dan herself held back her fears and her desires to please her parents. She thought she was alone on this, but it turned out she was wrong.


“I hate make-up and I hate being girly.” Pam said chucking her purse phone and all across the store. The clanging of the chain echoed in the empty store. “I hate leading David on because my mother thinks we are.” Pam made quotation marks with her fingers. “The cutest couple being childhood friends.”


“Ouch,” Dan had thought the same thing about Pam and David. She had notions about Pam herself when she first hit puberty but in high school. David the athlete or Gassen the foreign stud were obvious better choices for her, she had dropped it. Not that it mattered now.


“Yeah. Ouch.” Pam sighed and stretched. “I've been lying to my friends this whole time. I feel a little better getting it off my chest.” Pam put a hand on Dan's tail. “Thanks for listening.”


“Jake wouldn't care.” Dan turned away with a blush. She wasn't sure if blushes showed up in fur, but she felt better turning her face away; just in case.


“I don't think so either.” Pam said laughing softly petting the fur on her tail. “Hey Dan.”


“Yeah.” Dan answered turning back to face Pam who played with her tail. Following the stripes of white down to the tip. Repeating the stroking motion, but she was careful not to rub her fur the wrong way.


“Last not was weird. I didn't feel like myself when I was talking to you.” Pam said, not looking up from her task.


“You guys were weird but I couldn't be what I am without it.” Dan said thinking back. It was just last night but it felt distant and fuzzy. “I like being a skunk.” Dan confessed. She didn't like the stares so much but the feeling of fur alone coating her body. The weight of her breasts on her chest. The delicate point of her face. Felt real and comfortable to her. Dan had lived a lie to that point, and then that weirdness set him free. Free to be herself.


“I can see that. I wonder, would I be happy too?” Pam raised her head stared her blue eyes down with hers. “Let's try to recreate it.”


“Recreate it?” Dan asked shocked.


“Your happy as a woman and a skunk.” Pam said. “It was a darkness that come to you through your nightmares.” Pam hugged her tail to her chest forcing herself closer. “Your not the only one with nightmares.”


“Pam.” Dan whispered shocked and weird-ed out by where this was going.


“Ask me Dan. Play with me a game of truth or dare.” Pam squeezed her tail tight. Waiting for an answer.

Written by psto146 on 29 April 2019

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