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“Truth or Dare.” Dan said to Pam. She remembered how flat they had spoken. How without emotion they all were when it happened. She tried to repeat it but failed there. Her voice was shaking too much.


“Truth.” Pam said quickly. Too quickly.


“Is that the truth?” Dan was sure she was asked that, but was unsure. She kept her voice flat, but he didn't feel anything. Coming from her or Pam. Pam realized that too.


“I don't feel anything.” Pam said hugging herself.


“You may have nightmares but you're meant to stay human?” Dan wondered out loud.


“I have some great destiny.” Pam snorted.


“Maybe.” Dan thought if anyone did, it would be her. “Until then. Quit.” Dan said feeling a rush as the idea spurred her on.


“Quit?” Pam asked.


“Everything! Cheer-leading. Being girly. Everything you hate!” Dan said liking the idea the more she spoke.


“What would I do? Mom would kick me out!” Pam said serious. Dan believed her but she also had a plan.


“We'll move into together with Jake.” Dan said, Jake would be perfect.


“Jake?” Pam said with a very motherly sense of disapproval.


“Yeah. He'll make me into a furry star! You'll be my manager and teach me how to dress.” Dan waved down at her shabby sweats and oversized shirt. The only item she could wear given her bodies changes. “We can bring in Gassen to control Jake's emotions. David can clue in or find his own way.” Dan finished out of breath. Waiting on Pam's answer.


“It's crazy but it might work.” Pam pulled Dan in for a hug. Dan rubbed the side of her face with hers. “Your fur is so soft!” Pam laughed. Pulling out of the hug she held Dan's hand. “Let's go as your manager I can't have you walking around like this and I need to stop Jake from writing smut online.” Pam ran hand in hand with Dan. Sweeping up her purse as they went. Together they had a plan. Together they could make it.

Written by psto146 on 06 May 2019

The end (for now)
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