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“Pam we should go.” Dan said. Thinking it though this wasn't the Pam she knew. Maybe it was an off day or she just needed to vent? “They're still at the store trying to pick me out a shirt.” Pam face flashed from disappointment to the happy smile that she always knew Pam for.


“Yeah can't let those fools alone. Men!” Pam laughed and rolled her eyes like nothing happened. Standing up she held out a hand to Dan, helping her up. “Let me grab my phone and were out of here.”


“We'll have a party to celebrate your new life!” Pam pumped her fist in the air. “We'll put Gassen on Jake duty.”


“Sounds fun!” Dan said feeling better with Pam back to her old self.


“ You bet your tail it's going to be fun! It's the start of your new life and it will be epic.” Pam smiled, “Can't keep the guys waiting longer. Let's go Dan.” Pam walked away, leaving Dan alone to turn off the lantern. Dan shut down the light leaving them to the darkness of Pam 's tossed phone, and to Dan's own thoughts. Did she do the right thing?

Written by psto146 on 03 May 2019

The end (for now)
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