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You tried to recover from the slight bout of humiliation, taking a deep breath, smoothing over the short tattered crop top-shorts combo stretched so tightly across your body. At this point, you had grown accustomed to wearing the more liberal clothes of this gender, yet the way she was looking at you- treating you, it was almost unbearable with everything considered, and therefore, it was easy for you to shoot by the hip, and begin doing whatever it took to keep this job.
“During my training at the university, we were told that the most aggressive approach would always be the most ideal…” You said, making your voice sound as innocent as possible as you gave the middle aged woman huge round eyes. She seemed taken aback.
“Uhh… Well…” She turned to the child “My dearest, do you feel threatened.” The young boy choked back tears as he began to speak.
“Y-yes” He said quietly.
“Pardon me?” She replied before continuing in a more urgent tone. “Make it clear for everyone darling.” This caused him to nod his head, subtly, yet enough for the classroom to see; head still lowered, eyes low to the ground, you could see the young child shaking.
Your attention was broken once again, by the older woman. “And that is a dockable offence! From now on, you will be receiving only 20% of your paycheck, if you don’t like it, take it up with the principle.” She said before promptly leaving.
“Wait… What!” You were absolutely elated and when she left, the puppies began to rally around your feet yet again. Your heart sunk in your chest as you pondered what you were going to do.

Written by Driftingdragon on 03 June 2021

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