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“... Administration?” You asked yourself, remembering what the middle aged woman once told you. In that instant, you knew that was where you needed to go. You abandoned your duties right after, setting off to right the wrongs they had done to you. It took minutes to march down to your higher up’s office and the first thing you did was begin to pound on the heavy wooden double doors.
“Godamnit calm down! What the hell is it?” A gruff man’s voice rang out from behind the decorative doors.
“Uhh? Hello? Is this administration? I followed the signs and-”
“YEAH yeah, you’re in the right place.” By the tone of his voice, you could tell that he was low on patience.
“I just wanted to say… It was unfair that-”
“You know I expected you right? I already got the report.” He didn’t even raise his head from his desk. “So what about it? Figured you didn’t like the sound of it?”
“His rudeness knew no bounds.” You thought to yourself in the moment before shaking your head, and gathering yourself once more. “Uhh! Yeah! I actually had a lot to say about that.” he scoffed, breaking you from your train of thought. “See… I just… The kid…”
“Are you going to get on with it, or what?” In an ironic twist of fate- wordless- you just left. “Argh! What am I going to do! Hopeless… Homeless… Wreck. Couldn’t even show up to orientation, I heard.” In that moment you remembered something important.
“Oh? That’s right! Orientation. I guess I could have learned some vital skills there, which I could have used to help me progress through the game properly” You thought to yourself moments before you were removed from the premises.
Soon, you were alone, wandering the streets, and with nowhere to turn. You knew there was no hope of finding the guide again, so you wandered the city streets, and then you ended up wandering far out into the desert, walking as far as your footpaws could carry you. Before long, it had become too much for your body to handle, and when you had finally ran out of energy and passed out, your body actually felt a cool tingling sensation and in the last moments you can remember, it seemed like you had phased out of existence.

Written by Driftingdragon on 05 June 2021

The end (for now)

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