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“Ack…” You said aloud looking at the children crowding around you. “What do I do.” You mindlessly said aloud, as if the children could have understood you. The rest of the day consisted of a ruined mood and a newfound pain in your muscles, most likely due to chasing little puppies around all day. “Exhausting work.” You thought to yourself. “Would be all the more worth it… If I was actually making good money.” You continued spitefully before returning to the hotel room you found yourself in from the beginning.
With the small amount of cash you received from today’s work, you were able to spend the night back there again.
“Welcome back! Hard day it seems!” you decided to not give the overly excited receptionist the time to respond. Heading to your room you are given sign after sign to quit, but you powered through it all just to give yourself a better life. “This is just the first day” You said to yourself as you slumped down on the smelly bed. A small cloud of dust settled around you and it made you sneeze, shortly after, you dozed off to sleep, thinking about how you were going to manage this.

Written by Driftingdragon on 09 June 2021

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