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The next day, you return to work having decided not to stress yourself out over this. You were a new employee here, so of course it was fine for you to make mistakes; how else would you learn their ways? For the rest of the week you continued to unimpressively maintain the wellbeing of the surrounding children as if it was a task.
“See I’d do that, but they docked my pay, so you’re going to have to learn how to clean up after yourself.” You directed downward at one of the little rascals. At this point the appeal had begun to fade.
“You’re a bad babysitter!” they yelled one day, started by the same young Spaniel from the first day, but soon it grew into a loud chant, and then a riot.
“Clearly she can’t manage herself here.”
“Has she even got any education?”
“Probably not, she’s just a bitch?”
“Of course, makes sense, all the bitch is worth is taking care of pups and she can barely do that.”
It was as if the parents purposefully had you hear their discriminatory words. Immediately, you decided to take this to your higher up, marching over to his office nearly in tears, and knocking hard on the heavy wooden doors of his office.
“What WHat WHAT!” he said before buzzing you in, impatiently.
“Excuse me sir, I’m being called a derogatory term in the workplace.”
“Well of course!” According to my reports, that’s how you’ve been acting.” he pulled up a thick stack of papers and smirked at you. “Care to explain what brings you here?” The evil energy seeped from his being.
“I just told you!”
“Yeah so what! Boys will be boys! And what’s wrong with a little cat fighting here and there!” the term instantly offended you, in many ways more than one.
“I am a canine! I mean, a dignified business furson!” You demanded, stomping your footpaws.
“Okay we’ll give you a little raise so you can buy your sanitary wipes.”
“W-what!” You blushed hard, “I don’t even know anything about-” you paused for a moment, realizing how differently each gender gets treated.
“Now do you have any real complaints? Or are you going to go now?” He put his head back down at his desk, it was clear he was reading some kind of interactive story on his phone. “Do I have to call security? You know what.” He slammed his fist down onto a button on the table and soon four or five enormous primates, ungulates, and taurus filled into the room, nearly taking up the entire space with their size.
“W-wait!” You shouted as you were taken out, “You scum!” You screamed once more as the heavy doors began to close.
“Take her far out okay.” The deep ring of your higher up’s voice was the last thing you heard before you were bagged. A smelly potato sack was aggressively slid over your head, you began to choke on the fibers as your hands were restrained; you felt yourself being lifted into a vehicle. For a while it was only darkness, but soon you could feel the acceleration.
It was unclear to you how long you had been asleep, but by the time you had woken up, you were in the middle of the desert. You were already weak, so there wasn’t much hope for you to survive; your body lit up with pain, and the beating sun blistered your flesh as it shone down on you.
You blinked your eyes a few times before going back to sleep, that was all you could do after your terrible decision.
“Huh… Get what they pay for…” The sentiment that seemed to get you here, “Turns out that sentiment doesn’t hold true into the corporate world.” was the last coherent thought your mind could muster before you dozed off for this round.

Written by Driftingdragon on 13 June 2021

The end (for now)

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