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You begin to explain the rules of the game, and the children seemed a bit taken aback by your dominance. Even the most dominant young child began to follow suit the way you asserted yourself in the workspace. It only took a quick moment to get them in a circle, zipping, zapping, and zopping back and forth at each other. At first it was a slow progression, but soon you were able to see how they started working as a team to communicate with each other.
The game required a ton of focus and coordination, the perfect game for young children. Turning their bodies and meeting eyes while pointing, they alternated between the chant Zip, Zap, Zop, until they couldn’t remember anymore which one they were to call out. One by one each of the children were getting ‘out’ and soon it was becoming a sudden death match between two young students. Greyson, and a brindle colored mutt much heavier-set than the slender little pup.
Faster and faster, they continued to go back and forth until it was almost like a hypnotic chant, they stared deeply into each other’s eyes trying to throw the other off as they aggressively pointed back and forth, chanting their zip, zap, zop circle. Before you even knew it, the two kids were tangled in an even more aggressive fight, the larger one pummeling the smaller one over the head.
A shrill screech rang out as the young spaniel bit hard into the bulldog’s arm, sending droplets of blood onto the playground floor. This was a PR nightmare! Your mind began to race and your head was spinning as you realized that you haven’t even gone to orientation, nor have you any prior training to even know how to handle this situation. You stood in shock, clearly as children, they seemed perfectly capable of solving their own issues once they tire themselves out.
Another scream, a swift sharp poke near the eye, scratching, clawing, biting, fur was ripped out soon you realized that you had to do something, and quick!

Written by DriftingDragon on 05 July 2021

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