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“Shut the Fuck up!” You barked, letting your primal instincts take you over, slowly you began to lose yourself in the anger. “Why do you guys fight! It’s just a game… Damn.” Your own temper seemed severely impacted by the rowdy childish energy circling around your feet. The aggression in your tone caused the two bold little pups to halt, remembering their place in the pecking order as they stared up at you, bearing your fangs.
The two of them came apart swiftly as they eyed the ground. Not once did they think of looking up at you as they were addressed. “Have you any manners?!” You continued as they shuffled around together. At this point, the other kids on the playground- those who were out of the game much earlier- were watching wide eyed, half afraid to look too hard, and halfway captivated out of looking away. Childrens’ mouths hang open as you reveal a new side of yourself, shouting much louder than you had ever done before around them, and using language even their parents wouldn't dare to use.
The noise seemed to catch the attention of the others in the room, and soon enough, one of the other caretakers ran in to see what was going on.
“Hey! Are you making this noise?” A young woman, much smaller than yourself, yet much more professional looking entered the room, clutching a young baby to her chest. “You’re never supposed to talk to a kid like that.” She scolded you. “What are you supposed to be? One of the new nurses?” She scoffed.
“Yeah… I just uhh.” You stuttered, the small woman put you in your place almost instantly.
“Well listen, you should just get out of here. Have you even been to orientation yet?” she asked you; it felt like you were crazy for what you had done.
“Wait. They said I could work here and-”
“Yeah? Well I say you can’t?”
“I’m actually waiting for the head nurse and-”
“I’m the head nurse. Get out of my facility please.” You were completely dumbfounded. Though you wanted to protest, not a single word escaped your lips as she began fanning you out of the door. The consequences of your actions had actually seemed to match up with what you had done, those children could have really hurt each other back there.
Maybe this was for the better, you were an irresponsible canine, maybe if you had a way to know better, things wouldn’t have ended up this way.

Written by DriftingDragon on 04 July 2021

The end (for now)

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