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“Uhh…” Your voice squeaked as you tried to speak up, the louder you tried to speak, the harder it was for you to be heard over the banter of the two fighting young canines. They were growling and barking much louder than the tiny squeaks escaping your lips. “H-hey! Can you!” You struggled, bending your knees slightly as you tried struggling to fight them apart. In the process, their teeth and claws scraped at your fur, pain shot through your forearms as you watched your brownish German Shepherd fur floated through the air. You continued to wrestle with the two of them, and your body was on autopilot as you quickly switched into self-defense mode.
The situation was quickly devolving into something you knew you couldn’t have handled, in that moment, you realized how underqualified you were to be dealing with this situation, and that you had overstepped your boundaries; you hadn’t even gone to the orientation! Soon even you began to feel like a child wrestling with your peers in the mix, and you realized how all of the bad decisions you’ve made brought you here.
“Kenny!” two foreign voices rang out from behind you. Like robots, the two children immediately obeyed the aggressive voices. You almost felt the urge to obey as well the way the parental figures commanded the space around the room.
“I should take a lesson from them.” You thought to yourself moments before they turned to you, their scolding scowls burned deep into your soul, their eyes pierced through you like spears, and you were tightly held in place by the vice of their presence as they loomed over you.
Blood still trickled from your body, as well as their children’s, it was hard to tell if it was yours or theirs, but you were sure it was some percentage mix of all three. The idea of what was going on was embarrassing to you, and the thought of what this scene may have looked like to them made your stomach churn as you thought about the repercussions of your actions.
You could tell they were ready for discipline, as only the fathers had arrived, their wives were somewhere in the distance, coordinating it all from the shadows, soon the crying children ran off to them, leaving the three of you alone; the adults. Yet their condescending presence didn’t seem to give you any indication that they felt like leveling with you; it was clear, this was going to be one-sided.
It felt like hours of being scolded, but it was actually a few minutes.There was something about the way their voices wavered in and out as your eyes focused on the background, blurring their faces and figures as they towered over you. Submissively, you lowered your ears and whimpered, all you could do was tear up at this point as they began to call someone to escort you out.
“Once we get a hold of your manager, we’re going to make sure you’re never going to show your face in this industry again!” They sounded really serious about that. Your stomach dropped in your stomach when you saw the large burly security guard walking through the threshold.
“N-no please. I just started… I didn’t even.” The knot in your stomach felt tight and heavy, there wasn’t anything left for you to do; you felt like blacking out, just to not walk back through the heavy hallways you just recently began to feel comfortable in. It was a life short lived, and by the time you were outside the facility, you had felt completely lost.
There was nothing left for you to do now was to go back.

Written by DriftingDragon on 06 July 2021

The end (for now)

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