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“You see. I’ve had lots of experience in endurance swimming, I can go for a long time in the water with these extra limbs, and my body is particularly smooth and aerodynamic enough to glide through the water at great speeds over great distances. On my journeys, I have seen humans and they have seemed to be hostile. They’re coming from the south in giant contraptions called ships and they’re leaving a trail of destruction in their wake” It was clear from your level of convection that you had finally got them wrapped around not only your finger, but your flippers as well. The concerned look spreading across the face of the crowd was probably the most satisfying. Just showing up and talking with them about what was going on had caused the tensions to start rising. Before long, it was so thick you could have cut through it the same way you were cutting through the water earlier.
“Really now?” One of the people in the crowd asked.
“How are we supposed to believe that?” another mentioned.
“What kind of jokes are you playing? You know this is a very serious situation you’re bringing up right now. What evidence do you have other than just your word of mouth, other than just seeing… well… whatever could have happened?”
You were being berated by questions and before long your level of anxiety started to rise. Before long your stomach started to feel an icy cold lump growing, weighing down your core and causing you to feel particularly strange. Maybe. Almost. It was messing up your perception a bit.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 23 December 2023

Both Taking your women
Both Taking the fish

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