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“The humans were using their massive ships to scoop up fish in the thousands. They’ve been coming around and making it more difficult for individuals like us to get food. Maybe even… You all have had the chance to see things for yourself.” You said, kind of shooting in the dark with your pitch. Well, you miss all the shots you don’t take, so you figured why not give it a shot.
To your surprise, before long, the crowd fell silent. You could see some individuals with a look of pure shock and horror. Pupils were dilated and you could tell that whatever you had said or done had shocked them in a different kind of way. Soon, the leader of the pack started to speak with you once more.
“... I had doubts about you from the moment I saw you, but now I can see…” For a moment his sentiment was a bit concerning.
“You see…?” you asked, inquisitively.
“I can see that you’re telling the truth” he continued. “You see. There actually has been some kind of unseen danger here. As of lately there has been a bit of a resource crisis. Things are actually getting pretty bad.” he mentioned. “It’s not something that we particularly talk about a lot, or even address at all, but a few members have come to me with their concerns. It’s been impacting our numbers greatly, mainly because those who are designated to go hunting have been forced to give up more of their cut of their earnings because of it.” he continued in an incredibly grave tone.
“Yes. This is what I wanted to make sure that there was something we could do about it.” You mentioned.
Honestly, you didn’t really expect the comment to elicit such a response from the others. It wasn’t anticipated at all that you would have brought the pack together in such a way. Suddenly, like a domino effect, others started talking about their own troubles and grievances relating to what you had mentioned. Soon, you had come to a conclusion. You knew exactly what you had to do next.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 27 December 2023

Both Attack

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