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“The humans have been using their massive ships to take female seals. They’ve been using them for some kind of meat or harvest or something. I’ve even seen some of them wearing the pelts of other Seals” the idea seemed to strike some kind of strong emotion in the crowd of other seals now fully attentive of your story.
“Oh my god that’s awful.”
“What are we going to do about that!”
“They’re coming for the most vulnerable of us.” you saw the panic in their eyes and decided to double down into your story.
“That’s correct. They’re taking the women and children and before long there will not be enough individuals to help sustain the population. It’s truly a bad mess right now, and I just want to be able to help any way I can. As you can see, I’m one of the last ones of my own clan, that’s why I have to go and find a new one.” Before long, you could start to better identify the looks on their faces. Some of it was panic, but when you gazed through the crowd to see the largest male seal- probably their leader or something- you could tell that some of them were not fully sold.
Whispers rang through the crowd and you could feel their piercing gazes cutting through you as they continued to evaluate you and your intent.
“Wait a minute, something doesn’t quite add up here.” Someone mentioned. At that point, there was almost some kind of domino effect that started to ripple through the crowd. Many other members started to echo the same sentiment until before long the entire crowd was murmuring to themselves. Almost even to the point where you couldn’t get any words in.
You tried your best to protest what they were saying, but you could tell by the fur starting to bristle on the back of their necks that you were probably going to be in big trouble.
Honestly, you didn’t know exactly how, but it almost seemed as though they knew that you were lying and whatever you had said last must have set something off. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Still, you wern’t quite sure about what was going through their heads, and you wern’t sure what had actually gave it away.
Before you knew it, the whole crowd started to become so riled up that some of them were even nipping at your fins as though they were trying to shoo you away. Soon, you wern’t too sure about how safe you would have been if you stayed there any longer.
Soon, they were forcing you backwards, your heavy seal underside started to slowly work its way backwards until you could feel the tip of your tail dipping into the water. When the cold flash sent shivers down your spine, you quickly slid the rest of the way in and at that point the chase was on. You knew you were fast, but they were just as fast and several times more agile than you. They truly had the numbers on you.
Inside the water, you were darting around left and right just to avoid the sharp scrapping teeth nibbling into your flesh. You swam and swam until you couldn’t even register how far you had swam. Honestly, you really did wish you were trained enough to actually be an endurance swimmer but the more exhausted you got the more the crowd was incentivised to attack you. It was clear at this point that your dishonesty did not set well with a crowd who had just met you.
Soon, you started to feel yourself slipping away. Your heart was beating so fast and the adrenaline was pumping through your veins. Slowly, you started to black out from exhaustion, you started to slow down and sink deeper and deeper. They were forcing you under! Making sure you couldn’t take in another breath of fresh air between your long bouts of running away. Regardless, the sharp vicious teeth of the seals was enough to keep you going. You just kept going and going until slowly you started to feel yourself starting to fade away. Honestly, you didn’t even realize that your game had reset until you found yourself sitting back in the room where it all started. You supposed, maybe you could have played things a little better in hindsight.
Oh well, it was a pretty decent run anyway, literally!

Written by Drifting Dragon on 25 December 2023

The end (for now)

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