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Warring kingdoms
You decided to go to a set of the warring kingdoms you heard about from your studies, though you hadn’t learned much about their culture or what it was they did, you decided to travel to the Northern Kingdom. You read a little bit about how they didn’t seem to get along with the Southern Kingdom. So you decided to spend the rest of your time doing what you could in terms of diplomacy for them.
After having trekked all the way upwards on the map, you had finally found your way to meet the Northern men’s kingdom, which were owned by a king and queen bear taur. You realized how barbaric it had seemed there, other than the heavy cloaks you had to wear in order to keep yourself warm in the cold days, so far Northward. It didn’t take you long before you were able to talk to the king, the matters didn’t even seem to reach him in a particularly organized way, but not even a day later you were standing before the king, telling him of your studies and journey. A task was given to you; delivery, a ‘gift’ to the Southern Kingdom, and an offering of peace; a plan skillfully coaxed to succession by your silver tongue.
On the morrow you ran your gift to the neighboring tribe barely even looking at the beautifully sealed box. Your mind wondered about what it could have been within, though you dared not opened, or even handled it too roughly on your way to the Southern Kingdom.

Written by Driftingdragon on 19 June 2020

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