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Like a good princess, you take advantage of your disciplined upbringing, and you leave the present be all the way to the Southern kingdom. This time it was a warm summer-like breeze which rustled through your dark black onyx fur. The white stripes lining you from your nose to your tail fluttered lighter than air as you came over the last mountain to see the immaculate palace of the Southerners. Their walls were lined with jeweled crests and you ultimately found yourself in a beautiful and opulent castle, well more pristine than your own. For some reason you felt more comfortable in this establishment, as if you were a true lady. Daintly hopping from your carriage, you looked around to find your fellow diplomat waiting for you where you were agreed to. He quickly greeted you with a tiny bow and led you into a long dining hall containing the longest dinner table you’ve seen in your life.
Firmly seated across from you were the figureheads of the Southern Kingdom, the king and the queen- twin wolf taurs greeted you with opened arms, and unbeknownst to them, some good news from the Northern kingdom. After a quick briefing of the cultural differences- rather misplaced- you were reminded of the gift you were meant to bring which would encite peace between the two nations once and for all. Setting the box on the table, their beautifully decorated corners almost seemed to twikle as you revealed it from your robes.

Written by Driftingdragon on 21 June 2020

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