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Once you set the box down, you realized, though you weren’t even touching it, it seemed to move on it’s own.
“Wait a minute” you said aloud, catching their attention suddenly. You placed your powerful ear on the table and realized that within you could hear the faint sound of bussing, you peeked your night-sensitive eyes into the box and realized it was filled with a large swathe of bees. You immediately reported what you had seen and heard, before inferring that the gift was given to them merely to sabotage the Southern kingdom.
“That seems like them.” the king said, almost laughing at his own joke as he fanned away the other servants and became more serious with you about what he was about to say. After hours of speaking with the king and queen about what had happened, having spilled all of your intell about not only the opposing kingdom, but also your own, you sat patiently as they talked among themselves to debrief about what they had just learned.
You were suddenly burdened with the task of taking a returning gift to the kingdom to ‘return’ the peace, but by this point you already figured it was yet another trap. Will you accept their offer?

Written by Driftingdragon on 22 June 2020

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