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From the moment you crossed the borders, you knew that the kingdom wasn’t as kindly as they came off to be. Knowing from your studies, you figured that this kingdom was one of the warring northern kingdoms; generations of jealous kings and queens have tried invading and destroying the more opulent and beautiful kingdom to the south. Good thing you remembered at least a few things from your history studies!
By the time you arrived to the kingdom, you had already thought of a plan in the long ride to their enormous dwellings. It was more beautiful than you could have ever expected, though your mind was stuck on how you were to fulfill your mission. The king and queen greeted you with affections, though you made up your mind about not partaking in this kind of folly.
“I come with a ‘gift’ from the Northern Kingdom, though I also come with some information as well,” the two of them stared at you, confused and slightly taken aback by your determination. You paused before taking the box from out of your bag. “This was gifted to you from the Northern kingdom, though I believe it to be a trap, as I understand your relationship with them hasn’t been a particularly happy one” you laid the box out on the table, now fully grabbing their intereste. The three of you stare at it in it’s beauty, the ribbon wrapped around it seemed to sparkle with an opulent glow just as magnificent as the entirety of their kingdom. What will you do?

Written by Driftingdragon on 30 June 2020

The end (for now)
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