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You decided to open it yourself, gesturing to the curious onlookers to take a step back, your fingers felt the smooth laced fabrics cling to your pawpads as your gentle grip untied the sparkling rivulet. The air was thick enough to cut with a knife, everyone's eyes were fixed- committed to gazing attentively at the small rectangular prism. As you slowly slipped a corner of the box open, you heard a faint buzzing sound resonating from within. A tiny black and yellow insect crawled it's way out twitching, before fluttering into the room for all to see. In that instant you all knew that it was a bee trap, meant to infiltrate their kingdom.
"So you had conspired with them to destroy our kingdom? But what made you decide to tell us?" Said the king as he looked at you suspiciously.
"I only wanted to be a diplomat! I have learned the history of these lands, and instead of attending extravagant balls as my people do, I decided to dedicate my life to peace, merging two opposite nation's in one, much like how the stripes on my fur both encompass my body!" You felt as if you have given a good enough explanation for your cause, they seemed completely taken away by your short monologue.
"I see" said the king
"And what must we do" followed the queen. You took a quick moment to think about what you must do before your mind returned to your speech.
"We must unite the kingdoms under a grand incentive!" You spoke quickly and with confidence. Others crowded around you with a pen and paper as you and the Southern ruling powers conversed and drafted up constitutional laws and regulations. Not long after a treaty with a small set of requests were completed and sent to the Northern kingdom that very day.
They kept you around for a while for your help, slowly writing letters back and forth to their kingdom, as well as helping to keep the peace between the high tension between the two. After a while, you had finally struck gold in being able to return to their kingdom to speak with the other nation’s king and queen. Your mind steeled the huge task you had upon you, and without even knowing it, your words and speeches had put two warring nations to peace.
You remained the chief diplomat for their nations, as well as the rest of the country’s kingdoms; absolutely revered by everyone, you had realized that diplomatic power was even more useful than that of the kings and queens. You were in absolute control, and every kingdom wanted to do something special for you, the legendary ‘peacekeeper’ of the lands. A special suit was tailored for you, made of the finest materials in all the five kingdoms, and not long after hearing about it, it had come.
The silken garbs were stitched together from five different materials, and the energy surging through it was like none other. You barely realized it was your next transformation until you had slipped it tightly over your shiny black and white fur. The tight silken threads seemed to weave itself into your body as bright rapid flashes of light began to fill your vision. A wave of euphoria came over you as you recalled the joy you felt from helping the people of this world. One of the last things you remembered was the happy faces of the kings and queens of all nations as you traveled between them to keep the peace, and now your mind was left to fade away into your next transformation in return.

Written by Driftingdragon on 29 July 2020

The end (for now)
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