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"I'll do it." You say. "Take over my body." You dry swallow and steel yourself for what is to come. When Kasumi speaks next it feels as if she’s inside your skull. "Good choice, you won’t regret it." Suddenly, what felt like a gust of air rushed up your knows and you felt your body turn limp. Your head went slack on your shoulders as well. You tried to send a nerve impulse to move something on your body but found that it was impossible.


Instead, something else brought your head up. There was someone else inhabiting your brain now. "Ah, so this what a teenage boy feels like." Your words left your lips but you did not say them. It clicked for you that you had been possessed, Kasumi was speaking.


She moved your body around, stretching and getting used to its eccentricities. "You’re kinda stiff. You call yourself a ninja." She said with raised eyebrow. She even felt up your nethers, something you weren’t exactly comfortable with.


"Oh, this won’t do! How am I supposed to move with this thing flopping about! I think I’m gonna have to make a few cosmetic changes."


Cosmetic? You never signed up for this! Would they be permanent? Could she even hear you?


"I can hear you in there and please don’t be mad. You agreed to have me do anything to get you your precious promotion didn’t you?" You waltzed over to the mirror and Kasumi posed a choice to you.


"I at least let you decide which form we take on. Something more matronly? Older, wiser, taller, thicker." She emphasized the last part especially. "Or something… your size. Same age, a hit with all the guys."


"With all the guys?" You didn’t exactly understand what she was putting down but you knew had to pick what felt right.

Written by The Futa Guy on 01 May 2023

Both Older
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