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“An older woman? I like the way you think, those boys won’t know what hit 'em.”


Woman? You watched in shock as she snapped your fingers and suddenly you had something very different between your legs. Your body began to grow taller, putting you two heads taller than you were. Your feet had shrunk to the point of needing to discard your shoes. They looked so small and dainty now. Your hair grew out next, falling to your butt. It also turned a deep silver color, giving you a much older appearance. Your thighs expanded out, becoming more shapely and your butt was now significantly noticeable in your profile. As you expected your chest grew next, producing a large enough bosom that nearly bust your robes open!


There was a part of you that was genuinely curious about these new features but you couldn’t even feel them, thanks to Kasumi’s possession.


The last thing to transform was your face which had become more angular and sharp, giving you the look of a forty-year-old woman with a lifetime of experience behind her eyes.


Why? Why did you need to do this?


“You’ll see. Let’s get a move on shall we?” Kasumi said as she left your room and entered the hallway. It was empty save for the torches lighting the wall. You moved quietly through the winding halls until you came to a fork.

Written by The Futa Guy on 03 May 2023

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