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Turning right down the hallway, you immediately locked eyes with a patrolling student.What bad luck!


“Halt! Who goes there!” The student was considerably shorter than you were now, and in your elder form you saw him less as a contemporary and ore as a child.


Drat. Kubo! Which was his name. He was always someone who took their ninja training far too seriously and now here he was pointing a sword at you.


You put your hands up calmly and Kubo took a step back, blinking twice at you. If you didn’t know any better you would say that he was getting smitten.


“Relax. Young Protege, I’m a guest of your master.” Kasumi explained.


“A guest? He never said anything about any guest.” Kubo asked with suspicion.


“Did he not? Hmm, he must be forgetting in his old age.” Kasumi explained. “I’m Master Kasumi. Sensei Tobuo wanted me to come and teach a few guest lessons.”


“What school are you from?”


“East Wind Ninja Academy.”


“What are you doing in the boy's dorms?”


“I got a little lost and was hoping that you could show me to your Sensei’s room.”


“His home? In the middle of night? Shouldn’t you go to the girl's dorms until sunrise?”


Stop asking so many questions! You and Kasumi both yelled in your head. “Do you always question your elders?” You sauntered forward, swinging your hips, and bent down to his level, making him gasp.


“No, but-”


“Just let me go about my business, boy. Perhaps there will be something in it for you.” You poked his chest flirtatiously.


“A-alright.” Kubo backed off. “I would be willing to bring you to the stairs but I can’t really go any farther than that.”


We don’t need his help getting to the stairs, just tell him to go away. You really didn’t want to have to deal with dragging Kubo around but at the end of the day it was Kasumi’s decision, not yours.

Written by The Futa Guy on 05 May 2023

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