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“Sure, I was thinking that I would need an assistant,” Kasumi said, she enjoyed having power over the nervous brat. “However, I’d like to get to the stairs without the other students knowing. Don’t want the surprise spoiled that they’ll have a guest teacher.”


“R-right. There’s a secret passageway that can take you straight there. “I’ll show it to you.” He leads you into a nearby room where there’s a hatch on the ground.


You now have an understanding of what Kasumi wanted when she turned into this form. You had your fellow student in the palm of your hand with the sexy teacher aesthetic but you didn’t think it would work on everyone, which is why taking this passage was the safer bet.


“You first.” You say and Kubo merely nods and descends down below. You follow after him to find yourself needing to bend your head down, to walk through it. The pathway was lit with small lanterns, allowing you to see where you were going.


After a few minutes of walking in one direction and coming to a junction, Kubo stopped. You were about to ask what was wrong before you heard footsteps.


Someone was coming.


There was an alcove to your right. You could hide there while Kubo dealt with the issue or you could tackle it head-on.


The choice is yours.

Written by The Futa Guy on 07 May 2023

Both Confront the threat.

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