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You passed around Kubo to greet the man coming. You recognized him immediately as the upstairs hall monitor, an older boy named Minato.


“Kubo? Who is this woman and why is she in the security corridor?” Minato asked.


“This woman is named Master Kasumi. Your sensei invited me here to teach a few classes. Kubo here was just showing me to the lower level.”


“If you were here to see the Sensei, why would you be here on the top floor? His quarters are outside.”


Crap! He’s got his figured out! Despite your reservation, Kasumi didn’t seem unnerved by this revelation.


“Why would you come here first? I doubt Sensei would want you slinking around the school after hours, I would need to-”


In an instant, you lunged forward faster than they could react. A single chop to their neck rendered them unconscious, they soon fell to the ground in a heap.


“Wh-what have you done?” Kubo said in shock. You were shocked too but more at the Kitsune’s skill. You certainly couldn’t have done that yourself.


“A little discipline. That’s what happens when boys ask too many questions. Come now, Kubo.”


You and Kubo got to the end of the passage unscathed and climbed up the hatch to arrive at the staircase.


“Th-that’s as far as I go, ma’am,” Kubo said.


“Mmmm, is there some form of security at the bottom?”


“Well, there’s a locked door…”


“Open it for me.”


“Yes, Ma’am.” Kubo hastily ran down the stairs and you followed suit. The doors were large an ornate, with a mechanism that seemed like it was keyed to four buttons in the center. Kubo pressed one of them and the doors began to open up.


“Excellent. Thank you for your services, apprentice.” You ruffled his hair as you stepped through.


“W-wait! What am I supposed to do when Minato wakes up?”


You through your hands in the air. “Not my problem. You’ll find an excuse I’m sure.”


You kept walking through the dimly lit basement hallways, still in the same concentric circle patterns as the upstairs.


“I wonder… with all this talk of your master’s home. Why don’t we head there instead of the store room? I’m sure the higher quality treasure would be hidden there, no?”


That wasn’t the deal. I feel like that’s too big of a risk to take. Who know what kind of booby traps would be in Sensei’s own home if this is how he handles security at his own academy.


“The deal was that I help you get your promotion. Now shut up and let me decide, what our best course of action is going to be.

Written by The Futa Guy on 09 May 2023

Both Leave for Sensei’s House

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