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“I think we will check out your Sensei’s house,” Kasumi said quietly, as you made your way through the quiet halls of the Academy’s lower level. Eventually you found your way outside into the mountainous forests of the rockies. The outside of the school was dotted with trees and a blanket of snow that covered the area. Kasumi took a deep inhale of the cool night breeze. It was a lot better than the hot and stuffy air of the tunnel you were in.


“Where are we headed? Down the path here?” She pointed to the stone brick path leading away from the school.


Yeah, it should be further up the mountains to the northeast. Kasumi began walking down it. I’ve been curious about the snowboarders coming up from down below. They’ve gotten a little bit close to finding our school.


“Oooh, you ever think about going to say hello? I’m sure they’d be impressed with your skills.”


No, not really. I don’t really have an interest in the world outside.


“Boooring. I really need to take this thing out for a spin then. You need some spice in your life, speaking of which…”


You came across a fork in the road with one path leading down the mountains and another leading upwards.

Written by The Futa Guy on 11 May 2023

Both Upwards towards the Mountains

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