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“Hmm? The same age? It’s a different approach but I can make it work.”


You watched in shock as she snapped your fingers and suddenly you had something very different between your legs. It felt weird to not have something hanging off you down there but this was only the beginning of the changes. Your body began to thin out, dropping you by at least twenty pounds. As a result, your waistline shrunk, making your pants hang looser. Your hair retained its color but grew longer into ponytails that dropped down to your butt. Your thighs looked a little more… shapely as well. Your chest grew out next forming very small breasts.


There was no tiptoeing around it… She had turned you into a girl! A… relatively cute girl. Kasumi played with your new locks and you could easily see yourself as being the object of all the guys affections… not that that was something you wanted.


Why? Why did you need to do this?


“You’ll see. I’m just more comfortable in the body of a girl.” She did a couple of stretches in your new form. “We’re a lot lighter and limber now! You’ll thank me for it later.


She then took you out the door and immediately you both were faced with your first hurdle, the fact that you were staring directly into the eyes of Kubo, one of Sensei’s most diligent students. What would Kasumi do? Attack him? You’d have to get him quick before he escaped or called for back up. Or would she try to use some of the feminine charm on him?


You didn’t have long to react…

Written by The Futa Guy on 19 May 2023

Both Drag Kubo into the room with you

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