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Drag Kubo into the room with you emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Thinking quickly, you grabbed Kubo and dragged inside the room. You quickly locked it up as he began to speak.


“Who are you? What are you doing in this room? Where is he?”


Right in front of you idiot. Kasumi shared your annoyance with the boy and spoke, “I don’t what where “he” is. I’m trying to find him, I’m sure he’s up to no good.”


“You think he’s trying to make a break for Sensei’s store room?”


“Definitely.” You smirked. You could see what Kasumi was doing and realized this idiot was going to lead you straight to it.


“I was going to go search for him. The longer we wait, the larger possibility that he gets away.”


“You’re right but… who are you? You’re a bit far from the girl’s dorm and I haven’t see you around before.”


“Kasumi. At your service.” You shook his hand.


“I’m... Kubo.” He seemed a little nervous to be talking to you now that everything had calmed down.”


“Kubo. Nice name.” You grabbed his hand and said, “Shall we get going then?”


Does she really have to be this flirty? You were a bit dismayed but just had to watch helplessly as you and Kubo left the room and began stalking the halls looking for yourself.
You both made it to the stairs and surprisingly without running into another student.


“Huh, maybe he already made it downstairs? Or… crap we didn’t think to check the window. HE could have jumped. Sensei’s gonna kill me…”


“Hey, Kubo. Honey. You can’t blame yourself for not thinking about that. How about you go check the window and I’ll head downstairs.”


“G-great idea. Good luck.” Kubo said, dashing away. Kasumi smiled and turned to the stairs.


“Men turn to putty in women’s hands. See? It has its advantages.” You slinked down the stairs and had to admit that she had a point. However, your progress was halted by a locked door at the end of the stairs. You didn’t remember this door ever locking or the fact that it appeared to have a strange locking mechanism.


The door was engraved with the words “What Comes Twice a Week and Only Once a Year?” and underneath were four letters that looked like they could be pressed.


“E” “Y” “W” “M”


“Hmm, a puzzle? I’ll let you figure this one out. I’ve done enough heavy lifting for now.



Written by The Futa Guy on 21 May 2023

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