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Despite the shocking fact that he knew how to speak, nothing else was quite on par in terms of his human knowledge. He didn’t even have a name, when asked all he did was look at Jane in confusion. Despite the lack of a language barrier, the cultural barrier was bound to be just as steep. Especially if this was going to be a test on the ability to teach him how to be more human. So many ideas and concepts would have gone right over his head.


She started simple by giving him a name. It was fairly easy to explain the concept to him. He grasped the usefulness of having something to identify one’s self by that was usually exclusive to them. After some thinking, she decided to call him Tod, like from the Disney movie. A reference that he obviously did not pick up on.


“What’s your name?” asked Tod, still toying with the sound of the word.


“Oh, I don’t remember it,” Jane admitted. “My ID says Jane but that’s probably just a placeholder.”


“And… what’s that?” Tod seemed a little confused, but receptive. He wasn’t against learning any of what she had to say.


“Well, it kind of takes the place of an actual name. Since nobody knows my name. I’m basically a blank slate. Uh, that means there’s not a lot somebody can figure out about me on the surface.” She sighed as she talked, looking down at her now fur covered legs. When all that hair had come in, she wasn’t sure. The amount she had before she was thrown into this experiment was lost to her, all she remembered was that there was some there already. But now there was more than just “some”, it was basically a full coat down there.

Written by Kolaghan on 29 May 2018

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