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That night Jane Fox slept relatively well. It wasn’t a fantastic sleep, but it was more than enough to help rejuvenate herself. Despite Tod seeming nice enough, there was basically no progress out of choosing a name for him. In part that was because she had no idea how to begin teaching him. Even without her memories, she was fairly certain that the person she was before was probably not a teacher in any capacity. That or she was really awful at the job. She hoped that with a good night’s sleep she’d feel a bit better equipped, or even have come up with an idea to help with the teaching.


Instead she awoke to a rather strange feeling. Her face felt off, as if it had been rearranged and stretched out in her sleep. With a soft groan she rubbed her face, her new sharp claws instantly coming in contact with a muzzle. Jane yelped as she felt out the muzzle with her hands. It was long and angular with a wet nose at the tip. Every part of her face that she touched seemed to be absolutely covered in the same fur that had overtaken most of her body. Even her mouth full of sharp teeth had realigned too. At least her teeth didn’t seem all that out of place anymore.


Tod was already awake when Jane yelped. He looked over at her, initially thrown off by her vulpine face. If it weren’t for her scent he may have even questioned if somebody else had taken her place. He walked over to her, finding slight humor in the way she was wildly feeling over her face. The muzzle was definitely a marked improvement for her looks, at least, that’s how he saw it.


“Hey, that looks good,” he said casually.


“Oh hush,” Jane huffed as she crossed her arms.


“Hush?” Another confused looked from Tod.


“It means be quiet,” Jane grumbled back.


“...Are you ears still a little sensitive?” Tod asked without a hint of irony or sarcasm in his voice.

Written by Kolaghan on 01 June 2018


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