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Later that day while she was trying to explain the concept of utensils to Tod, Jane felt an odd sensation. It was a radiating warmth going all across her chest. She tried to just ignore it at first but the heat was too much to just brush off. After a while it felt like there was a heater placed square on her torso and cranked up to full blast. It was even beginning to make her sweat. She quickly peeled off her gown, only to be floored by what she saw.


First her torso was finally completely covered in fur. By now she was just as hairy as Tod, not an inch of her skin was visible. However, that was hardly the thing that shocked her, it was just thing of note that she discovered. The more surprising development involved her breasts. Below her original pair sat a couple rows of progressively smaller pairs. The smallest pair was practically a pair of canine teats, a connection that Jane wished that she hadn’t made in her mind.


A quick check revealed that, just as with her main set, the smaller ones were just as, if not even more, sensitive. Her face would have been a crimson red with blush if it weren’t already caked in fur. She reached down for the hospital gown again, only to leave it on the ground. At this point clothes were hardly necessary, and if her changes were to make her even more like Tod, the clothing might not have even fit her after a while.

Written by Kolaghan on 08 June 2018

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