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For a few days it seemed as if that theory was false. Despite looking like she was a cross between a fox and human by then, her changes seemed to have stopped. It gave her time to adjust to her slightly different balance and stride. Her feet had reshaped into paws and at first it was like trying to walk solely on the balls of her feet. With a bit of effort and some encouragement from Tod however it quickly became natural for her to walk in that fashion.


Her tail stopped being so unruly as well after a point. It was interesting for her once she had gained proper control of it, it was like having a fifth limb in some ways. Tod didn’t quite understand her quirky fascination with swishing it back and forth and having it stand on alert. After all, for him it had been a part of him since birth, it was not the big deal to him that it was to her.


That in part is what helped melt the ice around teaching Tod about being human. Jane herself was in the same boat, learning about something that had been thrust upon her without much explanation. Where Tod was to learn about human society and what being a part of it entailed, Jane was set to learn about her vulpine body and what has changed in her life because of it. And both were more than ready to help the other adjust.


Just about two weeks or so after her breast discovery a new change took place under the veil of sleep. Her restful sleep was accompanied by an expansion of her back end. Thick layers of muscle and flesh grew out of seemingly nowhere. Over the course of several hours she had a strong back end with an extra pair of hind legs to boot. The entire change was without pain to Jane. In fact, she didn’t even stir in her sleep until her sleeping body flopped over onto its side.

Written by Kolaghan on 11 June 2018

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