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That night Jane woke up in a cold sweat. In a life that, as far as she was able to recall, marred by strange feelings and sensations, this was perhaps the most bizarre to date. She felt so wrong and so uncomfortable, as if something was actually wrong with her on some deep level. The first hint was her sleeping position. As of then she had been sleeping primarily on her back. The threat of her breasts rubbing against has lead her to abandon sleeping on her side. Yet, there she was, lying on her side.


In an attempt to alleviate the strange feeling that had overcome her, Jane started to stretch. Her eyes widened with surprise as not only her two legs moved and stretched out, but her other two as well. She choked back a shocked yelp as she looked down at herself. Sure enough, from her navel down was a large fox body. Unsure of what to do next, she simply lied there, unsure of what to do.


It was fairly obvious that to Jane this was not how she was meant to lie down. A quick glance over Tod revealed that he was sleeping sitting up. He was leaned up against the wall, his lower body tucked into the of the mattress. It certainly looked a little weird, but it was probably far better a way to sleep than how she was positioned at the time.


Her first attempt to stand up properly proved difficult. Her entire lower body was much bulkier than before, not to mention she had to account for twice the amount of legs. Jane gritted her teeth, as she wriggled and writhed about in an effort to flip over. There was a slight jab of pain as she landed on her legs in a less than comfortable way, but it did not feel like any damage had been caused. She shook a little as she found her balance.


Despite how strange it was, Jane was long past feeling wronged or offended by her changes. After all, this was basically promised to her when she started this experiment, she shouldn’t have expected anything less. The newfound fox taur sat herself down. She instantly found the new positioning to be far more comfortable and, after a short while, found herself slipping back into a pleasant sleep.

Written by Kolaghan on 12 June 2018

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