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Left to your own devices, there wasn’t much you could figure to do. Freelancing wasn’t something they taught in your school prior, and even then, what kind of job could a bit- uhh, an individual of your stature do in order to make some money around here.
“He said it was by the paper…” You turned in the small confined room. “Where am I even?” it took you a moment for you to catch your bearings. A bed, A cabinet, A computer desk, A television, It seemed to you as if there were a plethora of options before you, though for some reason, the computer seemed to stand out to you the most. “The paper…”
Your eyes scanned the desk for whatever you could find, but to your surprise, the entire desk was filled with papers. All sorts of things were scattered across the wooden tabletop, from tiny texted printing paper, some colorful construction paper, even a few square sheets of origami paper.
“What the heck!” you said. “Which paper was it?” you fondled around for a few minutes, and it seemed as though it would have been impossible to find the password. Your mind was growing exhausted.

Written by Driftingdragon on 07 November 2020

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