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That was it, you were too tired, you had given up looking for the wifi password. Regardless, the computer’s build seemed to fascinate you more than you could have imagined. Despite the fact that the room you found yourself in was nothing more than ‘shanty’, as if it was the kind of motel-type room one would have horrible things done to them in, the build itself was significantly more sophisticated than anything you could have imagined. It almost seemed out of place.
The case was a futuristic lan box, and RGB lights flashed a rainbow of colors from within. Its droning hues were almost hypnotic as they slowly shifted from color to color so smoothly you could barely tell if they were separate, or if it was all just one blur. Something about this build seemed to compel you more than you would have allowed yourself to admit. The way the clear glass panels displayed its advanced graphics processing unit from inside, its fans turning faster than your brain’s shutter speed could comprehend.

Written by Driftingdragon on 08 November 2020

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