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You looked at the inner workings of the sophisticated machine through the transparent glass pane on the side of the computer. Your curious eyes looked at the latches holding the hardened glass window and a sudden urge came over you. Instincts took over as your textured paw pads stuck to the glass; friction helped you out, sticking your delicate fingertips to the slippery surface with ease, you slowly opened the side panel of the computer for closer examination.
Wires twisted and turned like endless spans of highways, an entanglement of thick and thin connecters. Electrons traced through bundles of cords varying in color and thickness, and brightly striped resistors directed the main circuit board like a colorful plethora of candy. The whirring sounds of cooling fans were hypnotic to you, and when you reached your clawed hands into the cluster of foreign looking technology you could feel the heat coming from the inside of the steel case.
It took you a moment to understand what you were doing, and even then you were way more frustrated than you would have expected. You took it upon yourself to match primary colored wires together; the monitor blinked a flashing color.
"Hey! That's my favorite color!" You thought to yourself as you continued. Taking that as a sign to keep going, you began to tinker with the motherboard. With a sharp snap, you plucked off the candy-like infinity shapes and popped them in your mouth for a taste. The screen went black, yet you took no mind to it. Your ears perked as the fans went into overdrive, yet the hot humid air from within still only intensified. It irritated your fur and you scratched hard, clawing at the little furs lining your arms. Dander fell onto the tiny copper pins of the machine as you went crazy on your own forearms until a thick layer of snow coated the inside of the device.
Suddenly, smoke began to rise from within, causing you to sneeze your respiratory droplets all over the deep greens of the main board. The acidic smell of the wispy greys coming from the tower shocked you back into the real world. It turns out that you hadn’t done anything particularly useful in the past few hours you spent bothering the device. For a moment you had even forgotten what you were doing there.
It all happened in an instant, a bright flash, the sound of crackling materials, the heated blaze of a fire, it was an explosion. Everything seemed to fade away in a white flash, apparently you had done something completely wrong. Anyway, you seemed to have spent your time poorly.

Written by Driftingdragon on 11 November 2020

The end (for now)
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