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“Excuse me guard, I’m just looking for someone, I’m sorry for bothering.” you struggled to keep your voice soothing enough for the guard to suspect nothing. “You see, I was invited here by someone I know, and I just needed to get in.” You smiled nervously. “I just… Their phone is off.” Once more, you unconvincingly looked up at the guard standing watch at the door.
You distracted the young stranger with your hypnotic hair-twirling, your big eyes met with his, and you put on the best ‘sad girl’ look you could think about, and you waited for his answer. He sweat nervously.
“Uhh, okay sure, you-”
“What!” you cut him off. “You would doubt that I’m telling you the truth?” you pouted, water began to pool beneath your glistening orbs, and you moved in close enough to the guard’s face that you could smell the acidic scent of alcohol on his breath. “He’s drunk.” you thought to yourself, without letting the words escape your lips, you blinked your misty eyes at him.
“Uhmm. I…” he began to stutter, fumbling with the weapon in his hands, you could see the rosy red blush forming on your fellow canine’s face. It was clear he was becoming flustered by the way you brushed the bare fur along your stomach against his uniform. In a way, you seemed to like it as well. You seemed to really like him but you would not let yourself get deterred.

Written by Driftingdragon on 15 March 2021

Both Get closer
Both double cross him

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