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You decided to get closer to him, asking a few questions here and there, turns out he was actually a pretty interesting person. He seemed to like you as well; maybe it was the fact that the both of you were similar in species, maybe it was just your charm. Regardless, there was chemistry, regardless of his mysterious scarred over eye. For some reason, it seemed to fascinate you just as much as it frightened you. You prodded multiple times as your flirtation began overtaking him, it was clear to you that he was soon to open up.
“Do you truly want to know about my life?” He asked suddenly.
“Yes, of course!” you replied, blinking open your wide starry eyes. Your eyes remained locked with his as he leaned in and began to whisper something into your sensitive ears.
“Our faction is actually staging a coup… I wouldn’t have told you if you weren’t a fellow German Shepard, but for some reason, I feel some sort of solidarity with you.” You accepted his challenge of loyalty, and you clearly knew right from wrong; sticking to your morales, you knew within yourself, that you wouldn’t do anything to compromise his mission.
“Wait, so what can I do to help?” Something within you felt the genuine need to help him, though part of your skeptic mind was a bit weary about this character. Anyway, you wouldn’t do anything to betray him right? He’s definitely the good guy.

Written by Driftingdragon on 17 March 2021

The end (for now)

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