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“Were you going to help me find the person I’m looking for?” You asked him in a soft tone. He watched your manipulative eyes as they darted back and forth across his face. How could he have possibly obliged to your kind of cuteness, wagging your tail, you flailed your lashes delicately just to solidify your captivating grasp.
“Ohh, sure why not?” he looked around nervously, something seemed off about how easily he left his post, but other than that, he seemed like a particularly sensible guy. “Where do you think we should search first?” he directed back at you. This question surprised you, causing you to jump slightly at the sound of his deep voice.
“Wait what? Where are we going?” you stuttered.
“To meet your friend, remember?” the stranger’s icy stare seemed to cut through in the silence. For a moment you two stood in the corridor; a few branching paths nearly caught your attention, but now your attention was on keeping a close eye on this one.
“Oh yeah! He should be right over there!”

Written by Driftingdragon on 19 March 2021

The end (for now)

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