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Anything else would have been better than sticking around, so you bolted. The anxiety of your previous experience couldn’t have matched anything else you could have been dealt in the outside world. You were able to feel the wind between your knees as you ran through the forest. The environment was rugged, and you scraped your knees on the surrounding shrubbery. Your flushed thighs were snagging onto little hook bugs, and the branches slapped you in the face as you made your escape.
The first thing you noticed was how many other senses were taking over your body, not only the sounds and smells, but the sights we're also novel to you as you slowly settled into your new body. The surrounding seemed to guide you through in your panicked state of mind, and you continued to follow a familiar scent until you found your way into an odd clearing in the forest.
When you realized you were more vulnerable like this, out in the open, your body froze as if you were standing off with the empty space around you. Something seemed off, yet you still couldn't shake the feeling that you were at least safer than you were couped up in that room. Wait a minute, was that a sound?

Written by Driftingdragon on 17 November 2020

Both Duck and cover
Both just... stand there…

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