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Your body decided to move on its own, and you ended up flinging yourself into the bushes nearby. Trying to halt the rustling with your hands, yet the viridescent petals aggressively rubbed together as your newly transformed body moved among the brush. To your surprise, the three strangers entering your view still couldn’t notice your dark green and black earth tones as you camouflaged among the brush. Quickly, you took notice of their slender figures as they moved from the dark shadows of a nearby cave.
“Hey, watch it!” another female’s voice called out.
“No you! Fool.” replied a gruff older man’s raspy cadence. With wide opened eyes, you continued to watch from the brush, not daring to make a sound. You didn’t quite catch their appearance, but the staggered footsteps of the small band of strangers told you that there were at least three of them. You heard a sudden movement, and the old man reacted again. “What is it?” silence, “over there?”
“I think she senses someone!” The female’s voice rang out again, a bit more silently than the last.

Written by Driftingdragon on 19 November 2020

Both retreat

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