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You slowly retreated in the bushes, backing away without rustling the nearby leaves. For a while, you were doing quite well until you felt the sharp snap of a twig beneath your bare footpaws. In an instant you saw the figures jolt in your direction, your sensitive ears could pick up on their subtle huffs as they pulled the cold air into their nostrils, trying to pick up on your foreign scent.
“Over here.” the female voice said, and in that instant, you could hear them creeping closer to you with every passing moment.
“Oooohhh aahh” you thought to yourself as your chest began to pump in fear. Thoughts ran through your head as they approached, and before you could think of what to do they were already upon you. Suddenly, you saw a short stout muzzle pointing at you from the other side, a terrier-type breed, though she looked like a mix. Her large globe eyes stared wide at your face, and you could see her nose twitching as she took in your scent. Behind her was a much larger doberman, and a medium-sized feline.
“Oh. It’s just another bitch.” She said in a casual tone. Your face shrank to displeasure as you heard that disgusting word once more.
“Still getting… used to that…” You reminded yourself.
“It’s alright Durk!” She called to the male behind her.
“Okay? Does she have a weapon?” without your knowing, the strange female was upon you, padding you up and down in close quarters. The stench coming from her fur was atrocious, and the way her loose dirtied clothes absorbed the rank smell of however long their haphazard fibers had gone unwashed, caused your nose to scrunch up in displeasure.
“She seems good to me.” The stranger said as she reached out a filthy hand to assist you back up. You hesitated for a moment as your eyes examined the muddy paw pads of the odd looking individual. Taking her hand, you pulled yourself up, and the group of others seemed friendly enough.
After a quick introduction, you found yourself pondering their latest question.
“So what is it you’re doing here?” the gruff older male doberman asked you, as his female partner shot you a calming smile in your direction.

Written by Driftingdragon on 21 November 2020

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