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They gave you a confused expression, you were taken aback.
“What… do you mean?” the female asked as she came closer to you, looking you up and down in a curious fashion. You folded your arms to hide your multiple rows of breasts, slightly exposed by the slightly revealing fashion you sported. “You surely don’t look like you’re from around here.” You could see the male eyeing you suspiciously from behind her.
“I suppose… That makes sense?” he said confused, yet you could tell by the way he glared at you that he was clearly suspicious. Though he didn’t say a word, his expression told you ‘How could she have possibly come here, not knowing what she’s doing’, and in that moment you wondered how you could have better explained yourself. Your mind became overwhelmed with options, lies, scapegoats, but all you could come up with, was the cold hard truth.
"Uhh, well see actually I'm here because of a uhh. Door? I entered…" the trio was silent, unmoving, and visibly confused, you continued. "And, ya see! I transformed into this weird creature, I used to be a human." Their eyes opened wide, and the more mysterious feline seemed more guarded, she shot the other two a suspicious look, and they responded with a tiny nod. "Uhh. Finally after some weird stuff, I just ended up here." Your verbal memoir seemed to bore the others, and by the time they settled down among themselves from their whispering and non verbal communication, all seemed suddenly, just fine.
"We see," the dominant bark of the doberman's voice
At that moment, you wished to yourself that you had chosen the bird costume

Written by Driftingdragon on 24 November 2020

The end (for now)
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