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Your exhausted limbs could run no more, whatever this could be, couldn't have been as dangerous as what you were escaping from in the first place. For a moment, you could feel your heart racing within your chest, but when you noticed three slender figures slinking through the bushes, it felt as though it was about to stop.
As soon as the trio of strangers emerged from the shrubbery they stopped, midstep. Your eyes scanned their half nude bodies; their tattered clothes hung loose on their shoulders and hips, yet it was still enough to cover their naughty bits. Their bodies looked dirtied, as if they were left in the wilderness for some time before meeting you, and their tone, scarred flesh showed beneath mangled fur.
The small group consisted of two canines and a feline; An older male doberman with a scruffy long-haired appearance, a much smaller ‘bitch’ just like yourself terrier in breed, and a bright orange female feline with dark brown stripes lining their slender body. It was clear, the doberman was their leader by the way his ears perked up, staring directly into your own eyes. He barely blinked as the others behind him slowly began to draw their weapons, in that instant you realized you needed to do something about this tense situation.

Written by Driftingdragon on 26 November 2020

The end (for now)
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