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Shift nods, and lifts off the ground a bit, flying up into the sky. You watch him, and are shocked that eventually he manages to pass through and far above the barrier. By the time he descends, you are baffled.
“How were you able to do that!?” You exclaime, laying a paw on your chest, your ears standing up like they were made of cardboard.


Again, he doesn’t understand anything but the shock in your voice and expression. To your surprise, he actually stands up, even though you guess he found it more comfortable to walk around like a proper animal. He holds out his paw, and you gaze at the golden medallion sitting within it.


“What’s that?” Ry peers closer, and reach out to touch it, but you immediately grab her wrist. You are suspicious of whatever this device was…
Shift seems to want you to trust him, and he puts his own paw on it. Nothing bad happens, though you guess that his current form had been the initial side effect.


It is the key out of here. Isn’t it.


So now comes decision time. Touch the medallion, and open a path out of here (or incur terrible consequences if it doesn’t work). Or…stay on this blasted island, and try to find the others. Shift looks urgent about this, like this moment may be your only chance. There is a chance that the masterminds behind this twisted thing may catch onto what you are planning, and ruin your chances if you wait any longer.


What was your choice?

Written by vanillametal on 18 February 2016

Both Touch the medallion, find your freedom!
Both Option 2: Stay here. You can

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