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Touch the medallion, find your freedom! emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

There is no way you could turn down an opportunity like this. You feel a little bad, abandoning Quinn and Elena like this. However, the look in Shift’s eyes tells you that it is the right decision to go with him.


Take your chance.


So you do , ignoring the concern on Ry’s face, actually making a bold decision for once in your life. You touch the strange artifact, and there is a sudden, warm glow. You gasp, tumbling back, feeling two symmetrical points on your back begin to bulge and strain against your skin and fur.


There is a sharp pain as the wings shoot out and unfurl, but it soon passes, and you feel their presence on your back. Looking over your shoulder, you can consciously flap them moving them up and down.


Ry is fascinated, and seems to forget about her worries as soon as she sees the tan wings sprout from your back. She lunges out clasping the medallion. Then, she too, is enveloped in glowing light, and when she emerges, a pair of dark black wings are adorning her like some kind of over-the-top, angelic accessory.


Shift is actually able to speak to both of you now, as you all share a common tongue.
“You’ve made the right decision, but we must hurry. They’ll be onto us in any minute.” He ushers, immediately taking off.


You too, flap your wings, rising off the cliff, with Ry following behind somewhat more shakily. It is a crazy, dreamlike feeling, actually being able to fly. Most regular humans would give their right arm for a chance like this.


The future is unclear, and maybe dangerous, but as you rose beyond the barrier and brake out into the open skies once again, you don’t find yourself feeling scared.


In fact, for once in your life, you are exhilarated.


Written by vanillametal on 20 February 2016

The end (for now)
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