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Though you desperately, desperately want to escape…you know your conscience would never be clear if you just abandon the rest of the poor sods that have ended up trapped here. Ry too, seems to be feeling the same way, as you both stepped back from Shift, and you shakes your head.


“I’m sorry…” You breath out in a sigh, and look down at your large, furry feet, before glancing up at Shift again, and laying a hand on your breast.


He frowns a bit, but simply exhaled in a sigh, and spoke harshly in a language you couldn’t comprehend. By the tone of it though, it sounds like he was just saying ‘you’re making the wrong decision’.


Oh well. That is just one man’s opinion.


After he receives your answer, Shift flies away, kicking up some dust before he went , making you and Ry cough. You watch, as his golden figure rises up into the sky, passing through the blue. Yes, you are jealous, but at least you are doing the right thing.


So, now came the next thing on the agenda. Finding the others, and getting out of here for good.


You start to walk along the coastline with Ry, and the two of you smell the sea breeze, feeling it ruffle through your fur. You glance down, at the pale sands at the base of the rocks, and exhale slowly.


“It might have been our only chance. Was I an idiot to say no?” You question aloud, mostly to yourself.
Yet Ry shakes her head. “Nope. I think you’d probably have been an idiot to leave our friends here to die.”


‘Friends’. You don’t know that you could so confidently call them by that term, but…maybe they would become friends eventually.


“I miss my wife.” You said dryly, and cough a bit. Ry looked over at you, and scratched her snout.
“I’m sorry. That sucks.”
“It’s fine.” You shrugged, and just kept walking.


Maybe you’d never leave this place. Maybe you are destined to stay here, trapped forever. Maybe, eventually, your animal side would take over, and you’d lose every part of you that was human for good.


Do you dread it? Are you still wishing that you were still the man you once were? It is strange, and you almost feel sickened that you feel this way…but you are getting used to this new body of yours. You kind of like this new body of yours, not in an entirely perverted way of course. Or at least, that is what you told yourself.


That, and being this kind of half-animal creature…has filled you with a new energy. Your life prior to this had always been so regular, so normal. You were the very definition of an Average Joe. It is nice to actually have something so exciting and unique happen to you, and you actually feel confident. It is like being in a suit, nobody else will know it is you unless they have been on this island too. You cab act freely.


The sun is beginning to set below the horizon, disappearing beyond the waves and bringing with it the darkness and stars. By the time you and Ry set up another camp, it is night-time.


“I hope that we find the others tomorrow.” She says, sitting down by the fire, warming her paws. There is no food, but since you are so close to the coast, you could probably get some fish or shellfish once it is light again.


As you kneel by the fire with her, nodding your head in hopeful agreement to her statement, you pause, and look round and up, over your shoulder. Your amber, tiger eyes, settle on the sky above, and you felt a cold shudder go down your spine, like icy water trickling down your back.


While you stare up into that star spangled abyss, you couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling. Somewhere out there, people are probably watching this. All of this.


To them, it is just entertainment.
To you, it is reality.


Written by vanillametal on 19 February 2016

The end (for now)
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